Facts And Figures

We offer you the possibility to consult or download the annual memories of the College in this sectin. This would also represent our achievements as of now.

The Campus

Welcome to the Web of the CASBMMV, Etawah. A space thought to present all the services that we make available to the students and the society in general.


This section gives access to the detailed information of all the organs that form the structure sustaining the Institution .


In this space we tell you about everything that happens in the Institution, so that you are up-to-date of the intense college life.

Courses Offered

You can find here a complete list of courses offered at Commander Arjun Singh Bhadauria Mahila MahaVidyalaya, Etawah.

Contact Us

All information about admission contacts, administrative contacts, college campus cotact and management contact could be found here.