Number of Labs: 01

Strength of the students: 35



  1. Chemicals
  2. Glass wares
  3. Thermometer
  4. Analytical Balance
  5. Weight Box
  6. Burette Stand
  7. Water Bath
  8. Electrochemical Cell
  9. Whatmman No.-1 Filter Paper
  10. Kipp’s Apparatus for H2S Gas
  11. Litmus  paper


  1. Make sure you are familiar with all the safety information given to you about each experiment before starting the experiment. 
  2. You must wear a lab coat in Chemistry lab. 
  3. Footwear must completely cover the foot and heel.
  4.  Keep your work area and the common work areas tidy.
  5.  Leave all glassware, equipment, tools, etc. as clean as or cleaner than you found them. 
  6. Clean up spills immediately.
  7. Dispose of waste properly and in a timely manner and according to the instructions provided in your lab manual. If you are not sure, please ask your supervisors for the proper method of disposal. 
  8. Wash your hands before you leave the lab. 
  9. Do not remove chemicals or equipment from the lab except when required to do so for analysis. 
  10. Approach all chemicals with caution. Do not taste or inhale (smell) chemicals. Avoid getting chemicals on your skin.